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big x top fixed gear camo fixed gear foot straps

Jordan at BIGxTOP has released some new products just in time for payday and Christmas, they are all radical, like, totally radical.

There are 4 colours in his phone pouch which is big enough for an iPhone, has a key clip and multiple options for attaching to your bag or belt.

There are 3 new colours in his straps as well as the classic black, they are now made from what looks like a much smoother material and has an elastic bit to put the excess strap in. Subtle but exciting developments.

As with all BIGxTOP products they are made by Jordan, on his own, in Bournemouth. The pouches are £20 and the straps are £30 but if you’re quick and use the code STOCKINGFILLER you’ll get 10% off those prices. For more info head over to the BIGxTOP shop!