bradley wiggins spoty 2012

Bradley Wiggins has had a hell of a year, he won every single shiny medal/trophy/trinket known to man, he made about 25 bazzillion dollars and got to drop more C-Bombs than an drug dealing granny.

He tied up 2012 by winning this Sports Personality of the Year thing, I didn’t bother watching it because sport is totes-not-amazeballs but I did watch his acceptance speech, I particularly enjoyed the bit where his wife rolled her eyes in the knowledge that he could very possibly call Kate Middleton’s unborn baby a cunt without a second thought.

Anyway, here are a few reasons why I like Wiggo and why he makes professional cycling at least a little bit interesting for me…

1. He speaks his mind, that should really be applauded because 99.9% of sports people really don’t, they are too afraid to have a personality, or actually just don’t have a personality.

2. He swears a lot, I absolutely LOVE that. It comes back to the last point, in interviews most sportsmen/women simply spell out what has just happened in their given sport, he’s more than happy to say someone was a dick or colourfully comment on a current affair. He’s not a compromiser, he stays true to himself.

3. His collab clothing line with Fred Perry is badass because, again, most sports people collaborate on and promote technical sportswear, he’s into the Mod thing as much as cycling and he’s not afraid to dress like Austin Powers (Thanks to Kate for that one, hey Kate!). Check out the Fred Perry collab here.

4. He’s a good idol for kids to have. I’d much rather kids look up to Bradley with his confident down to earth manner than some punk ass footballer top to toe in Louis Vuitton and diamond earrings. He lives a simple life and that is something that the young folks should aspire to.

5. He makes cycling exciting. We all know that cycling is boring, most of the time a stage is 90% rolling along and 10% excitement and that is simply not good enough if you ask me. He brightens up the sport when he isn’t on the bike and that is important to me, if it wasn’t for him non-cyclists in the UK would give a flying fuck about cycling, if anything is going to get people onto bikes it’s him because he appeals to real people living real lives.

If you haven’t already read it, check out my interview with Wiggo from earlier in the year, it’s a jolly good read apparently.