the foot down 2012

2012 is practically over, the blog has been very different this year than it was last year and things are about to change quite a bit again (more on that next week).

This year I played around with road cycling content but at it’s core The Foot Down remained a fixed gear blog. Here are the top posts of the year…

bradley wiggins interview

1. No surprise here, my interview with Bradley Wiggins sits in the top position. When I was contacted about meeting him I didn’t know whether to do it because it was a bit off topic really but I’m glad I did it. He was a nice guy and continues to be irreverent at all times which is awesome.

bradley wiggins fred perry

2. A whole load of other Fred Perry posts sit below Wiggo in the chart so I’ve bundled them together. People went wild for his collab with them and it gave me a real insight into just how big the divide is between fixed gear and road cycling in terms of popularity. It is MASSIVE.

levi's commuter cycling

3. Levi’s Commuter jeans, Gordon Bennet. I laid in to the marketing bullshit built up around this collection and a whole load of people agreed with me, a bunch didn’t, we argued, we laughed, it was good times. Fuck Levi’s. And before you get all clever and point out that both Fred Perry and Levi’s are mainstream brands there is a big difference between them, if you can’t see that then open your eyes.

cinelli mash bull horn review

4. My review of the Cinelli Mash bullhorn bars was a hit, no doubt because they are expensive and people want to know something doesn’t suck before they drop a load of cash on it. They are really excellent, easily the best bullhorns I have ever used so get some. Also the Cinelli Mash thing proves that it’s possible for large and small brands to come together and keep it real through a mutual passion for what they do.

jimmy saville cycling

5. Back in July when I posted Jimmy Saville’s bike collection nobody knew what he’d been up to. In fact everyone was still gutted that he had died because he was such a bloody good bloke. Crazy.

Those are the top 5 posts in terms of traffic, of course older posts will have more traffic than newer ones so it doesn’t reflect the ‘best’ posts. Motorists, Cyclists, Fucking Idiots has far less traffic than the posts above because it is newer yet has nearly 300 Facebook Likes which is waaaaaay more than most of those other ones. Personally I think the best posts on here can be found under the ‘RANT‘ tag so check those out.