Since making my big skateboarding comeback a few months ago I’ve only been skating at Exist Skatepark, I’m not a ramp skater but I’ve mostly been skating the block and the Euro gap and it’s really got my skate muscles back into shape.

A few nights ago I tried hitting up some street spots with Kirtley, Ollie and Robbo, Frayne and Scott and it wasn’t long before I remembered that parks and street really aren’t the same thing at all. A board to the knee followed by a severe arse to concrete meeting left me shooting photos for the rest of the night, here are a few nice ones…

swansea skateboarding frontside crooked grind

swansea skateboarding frontside boardslide

swansea skateboarding reviewing footage

I definitely need to shred some daytime street before attempting another night sesh, ‘I’m too old for that shit’.