swansea stolen genesis cdf bicycle

My friend’s Genesis CdF bike was stolen from Swansea Marina last week. She had fallen off on a patch of ice and was very late and a bit flustered so when she locked it up she accidentally missed the frame and only secured the front wheel (she is usually very careful!). It was locked up for a good 8hrs before it was taken.

There are recent stories of bikes stolen from down here being sent up to London and then sold so if you live in the capital pretty please keep an eye out for this, and if you live elsewhere the same goes, it’ll probably turn up somewhere!

Here are the details…

Bike: Genesis CdF 2012
Colour:  Sky Blue
Size: 52cm
Distinguishing Marks: Front wheel was left behind so it will probably have odd wheels; derailleur was scratched from the fall; front and rear reflectors were still attached when it was taken. Other than that it was in tip top condition.

If you find this or spot it for sale anywhere please contact me immediately by e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. Please SHARE THIS POST on Facebook too. If it leads to the bike being returned you will get a whole host of free stuff, I will shower you with freebies, it will be like a freebie explosion in your house!