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So the success of Bradley Wiggins and co last summer got you excited about cycling? That’s great! Now all you need is a bike, but don’t worry you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive road bike when there are loads of cheap ones out there, a bike is a bike really.

A great place to start is Argos, they are well renowned for stocking quality products and we’ve all shopped there, it’s kind of exciting to steal their pens, isn’t it? Take a look at that bike up there, it’s pretty good looking, don’t you think? I bet you’d love to get that between your legs, especially the ladies, and you can because it is unisex..

This cheap road bike is not made from some kind of sub-standard heavy metal, no no no, it is “made from a lightweight black alloy frame making it easy to use and manoeuvre“. As we all know black alloy is the coolest alloy, it’s street and street is so hip right now.

“Ty, what size do I need?” Don’t worry about a small detail like that, this bike is one size fits all! It’s perfect for you, I promise. Well, it probably is, provided you are either really really short or very very tall because it is “Suitable for 60 to 79cm (23.62 to 31.1 inch) inside leg measurements“. When buying a road bike just remember that it doesn’t matter what size the frame is because you can always change the height of the seat to suit the length of your torso and arms.

One of my favourite things about road bikes are the drop handlebars, boy oh boy are they cool because you can put your hands in many different positions. Take a look at the photo up the top again, it clearly shows one of the best angles you can put your handlebars in, that one is particularly good if you want to look like you’re flying like Superman when you ride.

Like I said at the start I like Argos, especially for buying cheap road bikes and I respect them for not bragging about how versatile their bikes are. Rather than ram it down your throat they only show you the ‘pro angle’ for your brake levers in a very small picture, they are modest and don’t want to come across as a know-it-all…


cheap bikes argos

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I have been able to digitally enhance their picture for you so that when the bike arrives at your house you will be able to properly set it up in the ‘pro position’…


cheap road bike uk

Notice how low the brake levers are? That is for aerodynamics, scientific research has shown that when the end of your brake lever is lower than your tyre you will be 8% faster because of the reduction in wind resistance.

Buying a road bike really doesn’t need to break the bank, the Cross Sportive is only £399.99 from Argos, why would you spend any more than that? Especially when this one is as good as it is, lets go over the full feature list…

Black Alloy Frame
One Size Fits All
Aluminium Rims for a Contemporary Look
Adjustable Seat Height

That’s the Cross Sportive for £399.99 from Argos. I’d ride it.

Disclosure: A few months ago I was contacted by somebody representing Argos, they asked if I would post about their bike range, I said no at the time but this great piece of kit made me change my mind. Fuck your local bike shop.