kilvey hill swansea trail running (6)

Just over a week ago I took up running, as with all new things in my life I had previously mocked, pointed at and laughed as people ran past me when I was riding, I couldn’t understand why they’d run when they could ride.

But then something changed, I don’t know what, I never do, and I decided to become a runner. I’m not interested in ‘training’ or marathons or any of that bullshit, I just want to get into the countryside and run like my ancestors did thousands of years ago, I have no desire to run on concrete. Humans are designed to run, there’s no denying that and I’m looking forward to some super long days surrounded by nature without a 2 wheeled contraption between my legs.

In 10 days I have managed to spend over £200 on ‘essential equipment’: Pearl Izumi shoes, tights and jacket, Nike socks and a Garmin Forerunner 410 watch. I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself because I wanted to be all Neanderthal about this but hey ho.

On Sunday I went out on my first trail run with Owen, we took on the steep side of Kilvey Hill which is 500ft of elevation over a mile, then we came back down again, here are some lovely photos…

kilvey hill swansea trail running (5)

View of Swansea Bay from the top of Kilvey Hill, niiiiiiiice!

kilvey hill swansea trail running (4)

I posed like a teapot, classic

kilvey hill swansea trail running (3)

 Owen was flying down these gravel parts like a rocket, wild.

kilvey hill swansea trail running (2)

 He took us through some spiky plants, what a jerk.

kilvey hill swansea trail running (1)

 This was my favourite part of the trail

Check out the route on my Strava and if you’ve never tried trail running I’d recommend that you do…