H&M For Brick Lane Bikes clothing

Today I went into the Swansea branch of H&M to have a look at the Brick Lane Bikes collection, it came as no surprise when I found that it wasn’t even being stocked in Swansea. I was mortified by this and left.

Rather than give my opinion on the range without seeing it like I did with the Levi’s jeans which made people all over the world cry like big babies and call for my immediate death I have come up with a plan…

I want you to tell me what you think about it, if you haven’t been to see it yet then go and have a look, get hands on with each piece, maybe even try some on and then send a mini review to me and a week from today (18th Match 2013) I will post them all right here on the blog. Here’s a little checklist for you…

1. Go to H&M, find the Brick Lane Bikes range
2. Have a good look at it all
3. Try some of it on if you want
4. Take photos of yourself in the changing room or get a friend to on the shop floor, think Blue Steel
5. Write a mini review of 100 words or so about what you think, good or bad

When you have done this either post a photo to the Facebook wall with your review, post a photo to Instagram with your review and #TFDHMBLB or e-mail me a photo and your review.

Pretty please get your friends involved too, I’m genuinely interested in what everyone thinks about this collaboration. Cheers everyone!