track dropouts bristol fixed gear

After quite a while, in fact what seems like an eternity, the website that serves the Bristol fixed gear community, Track Dropouts is back up and running. I’ve busted my balls over the last few months acting as the glue that holds the Brizzle scene together and it feels good to finally let go of the responsibility, phew. I’ve organised, like, so many races and get togethers and everything because that’s what I’m all about, give give give give give give give give fucking give.

Anyway, enough about how awesome I am, if you live and ride in Bristol and even if you don’t you should check out the site and especially the forum because they’re far more friendly than those halfwitted jackals in London.

Also, if you like a ruddy nice piece of kit the TDO range is always a good place to start, have a gander.

And last but not least Like the Facebook page too and visit the Hamilton Wheelers and traumfahrrad blogs too for fuck’s sake.