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Bristol has a booming ‘urban cycling’ scene, loads of the dudes who were riding fixed a few years ago are now also riding road bikes, hitting track and trails and just generally riding for the love of it which is awesome.

DAS RAD KLUB is a new brand that has been set up to represent and cater for all those people…

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“Hailing from Bristol, the epicentre of south west cycling is DAS RAD KLUB. A brand, a movement, in the loosest possible way a cycling ‘club’.

DAS RAD KLUB is all about having fun on bikes. We want riders to feel like they’re part of something, whatever & wherever they ride. While we share photos from our adventures here in Bristol & beyond, we want our customers to share their photos with us, using the modern wonders of the internet & social networking. We can’t wait to hear from the riders that purchase our products & take them wherever their 2 wheels lead them.

After months of discussion & planning between all of the bike rides, we’re pleased to reveal our ‘Prologue’ release, essentially the appetiser before the main course arrives in the coming months. We’re starting with 2 things cyclists can’t live without – t-shirts & water bottles. Our plan is to create an entire collection of apparel & accessories that represents everything we enjoy. To achieve this we’ll be working with some of the biggest brands around to put our twist on the highest quality, tried & tested kit possible.”

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Tim Wilkey, the head honcho, was kind enough to answer a few questions that did a little deeper into DAS RAD KLUB.

Who’s involved?
Me, myself & a few good friends. I’m the one with the vision & the ideas, the friends are the ones that help make it happen. I could no way do everything I want to do on my own so I’ve called upon a couple of close friends to help me out with the things I’m no good at (most things then!). Most important of all, we all ride bikes, a lot.

What’s your background in cycling?
I’ve been riding bikes longer than I care to remember, from 24″ wheel jump bikes all the way through to cyclocross, I’ve pretty much had a shot at it all. When I’m not riding I love to hang out with friends & have a good time, usually involving music & food. I wanted to create a brand that embraces all of these things, and hopefully DAS RAD KLUB can achieve this.

Where does the name come from?
Finding the right name took a while, believe me. But the main reasons behind it are the fact that Germany is a great country to visit, and the community I’m wanting to create is much like a club, just without the rules & regulations that come with a physical cycling club.

What are your plans for the brand?
The aim is to get some good looking kit out there to riders that want exactly that, without it costing the earth. We’re talking technical cycling garments as well as casual apparel, our goal is to provide something for every part of the cyclist’s wardrobe, whatever & wherever they ride. Simple is the aim of the game, but most definitely not boring.

Is everything made in the UK?
We’ve not gone for UK made products, perhaps that’s something we’ll be able to do in the future, but right now we’ve chosen manufacturers from various parts of the world for various reasons. Even our stickers come from overseas!

Anything else?
The name of the game is adventures, we want to see those photos & hear those stories from riders who purchase from us. We don’t want to be a brand that sells stuff & doesn’t listen to what you get up to once you have parted with your cash. We want to know exactly what you’ve done & where you’ve been with your purchases.
I’d like to thank everyone that’s taken part in the brand so far (you know who you are) and in advanced every body who buys something from us. I recently summed up the brand in a few words: “I don’t know what I’m doing, I just want to have fun”.

I’m looking forward to seeing the brand develop, be sure to check out DAS RAD KLUB at all your favourite spots…

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