bigxtop british made backpacks, messenger bags and accessories

BIGxTOP has a new website and to me it really feels like the brand has changed over night.

What was a one man operation making little cycling accessories has matured very quickly into a one man operation making world class bags that are suitable for cycling but go far beyond that and fit perfectly into the more general ‘outdoor’ market which is so cool.

You guys know that I’m a big fan of BIGxTOP, I’ve said it enough times but with this new site I think Jordan’s work is going to start to get a lot of attention, the public image now matches the quality of the products.

Since it went live a couple of days ago Jordan has been inundated with orders for the new Daysack which is great. If you want one you better place your order quick or you may find yourself at the back of a very long waiting list!