the foot down blog

I change my mind about stuff ALL THE TIME. I see this as a very good thing and it’s probably the trait I admire most about myself, there’s nothing sadder than someone who doesn’t evolve and develop as a person, I am constantly searching out new and exciting things.

I know that last summer I was mad for road cycling and now I’m not, in fact I haven’t watched any racing at all this season and I probably won’t bother even watching the mountain stages of the TdF, I’m just not interested anymore. My view of cycling has changed a hell of a lot over the last five years and will continue to change week to week.

As I have started to post about different kinds of bikes and cycling some people have given me shit, they are too stiff and retarded to understand that a person can change what he is into, when I diss road cycling don’t quote something I said last year, it’s pathetic. One thing that has remained a constant through the life of this blog and my life in general is that I like things that are rad no matter what they are.

I will post the rad shit frequently, I will post about the not rad shit too and you will like it or lump it, it’s not my job to entertain you. If you don’t like that the site isn’t 100% fixed gear any more or if I attack something you love it’s just too fucking bad. Here’s what’s up…

Riding bikes: Rad
Cyclist bullshit: Not Rad

Skateboarding: Rad
Modern skate bullshit: Not Rad

Trail Running: Rad
Exercise bullshit: Not Rad

The Foot Down: Rad
Most other blogs: Not Rad and full of bullshit

Always Different, Always the Same