Poor Old Emma Way...No Way!

So, this Emma Way girl tweeted that she hit a cyclist, what actually happened we’ll probably never know, I find it hard to believe that she clipped him and he didn’t fall off, he’s saying he did fall off, she said she didn’t stop, then she said she did then she started crying and the whole thing is a great big fuck-up on her part.

I’ve posted before about the war on Britain’s roads, ‘bad’ cycling is one thing but bad driving is so much worse, a car is a very deadly piece of machinery to be pissing about with. Emma Way is clearly as thick as shit, she cannot form even the simplest sentence when she is being interviewed, she’s dropping completely the wrong words left, write and centre, the best place 4 her is on Twitter.

It truly is amazing that people as fucking stupid as this dozy bint can be left in charge of a car. She will definitely be far more careful around cyclists for the rest of her life and she got her own song so it’s not all doom and gloom…