the foot down blog uk

Dudes, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to call it a day here, The Foot Down is no more. I’ve had a good run but the cycling landscape has changed and I no longer want to be a part of it. These were the final nails in the coffin…

1. Road cycling is now a middle class pursuit rather than a working class pastime
2. The fixed gear scene has gone to the dogs
3. People keep saying mean things about me on Facebook
4. Other ‘similar’ blogs can’t spell and it makes me sad
5. I’m more into running than cycling now
6. Skateboarding is better than cycling anyway
7. Nobody reads blogs anymore
8. Hashtags
9. Riding fixed long distance in lycra
10. Strava















Psyche! I ain’t going nowhere, it’s just been really sunny so I’ve been rambling in the woods, skidding, running on the beach, skating, shooting photos and generally hanging five with my homeboys and girls.

I recently amicably parted ways with Urban Cyclery so I’ve been living like a lottery winner for the last week or so, the kind of lottery winner that’s into hanging out but has absolutely no way of paying his rent next month so BUY A FUCKING T-SHIRT FOR A FUCKING TENNER!

I have some very very exciting stuff lined up over the next few months, peace out dickwads.