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I bought a cheap lightweight tent and sleeping bag so that I could go camping by bike, last night I headed out on my own to spend the night terrified and alone in a field. I left a bit late, about 20:15, I’ll go earlier next time.

wild camping swansea (2)

The Gower Peninsular is full to the brim with great spots to camp, I bungeed the tent and sleeping bag to my Fairdale Weekender and half filled my BIGxTOP Daysack with essentials such as my Swiss Army Knife, binoculars, GPS, pop and crisps.

wild camping swansea (3)

The sun was going down pretty fast but I remained calm.

wild camping swansea (4)

I locked up my bike at Ambition is Pitiful‘s grans house and headed out over the fields in search of a suitable spot to pitch up my tent.

wild camping swansea (5)

I really struggled to find somewhere, I couldn’t find a flat area and the sun was going down faster than the speed of light.

wild camping swansea (6)

Someone else had clearly been here recently but it was literally feet from the path so despite the awesome view I decided against it because I was on my own and didn’t want to be murdered.

wild camping swansea (7)

From the spot above I looked back and could see a flat looking field so I headed back and managed to find a way through all the brambles and hoped over the fence. I set up the tent by head torch light, it definitely took longer than the ten minutes stated on the instructions!

wild camping swansea (8)

I climbed in, took off my shoes and wondered what I was supposed to do with myself now.

wild camping swansea (9)

I stared at my ice cold can of pop for ages, I knew that if I drank it I would need a pee and if I needed a pee I would need to leave the tent which would almost certainly result in an immediate mauling by a ferocious badger. In the end I couldn’t stop thinking about it and had to get it down my neck.

wild camping swansea (10)

I checked the sunrise time on my Garmin Etrex 20 and set my phone alarm so that I wouldn’t miss it.

wild camping swansea (12)

As expected the more I thought about needing a pee the more I needed a pee and had to take my life into my own hands and ventured out, I was shitting myself, pun intended.

wild camping swansea (11)

This slug was climbing up the inside of the outersheet of the tent, it was having a great time kissing it’s own ass. There was also a fly that walked sideways like a crab, a bird of prey over head, countless moths divebombing the tent and either a wolf or a mouse scratching at my groundsheet.

I managed a good 10 seconds sleep through the night, at 5am I decided it was time to get up, I unzipped, popped my head out and was greeted with glorious cloud and not much else.

wild camping swansea (13)

It was a pretty cool spot, it would’ve been better if I hadn’t spent all night with a rock sticking in my spine and the constant wait for a farmers shotgun to be stuck in my mouth.

wild camping swansea (14)

I set up near to some bushes and stuff, for ‘protection’.

wild camping swansea (15)

You can see the sea off in the distance.

wild camping swansea (16)

I packed up and was happy that I’d left minimal traces of my sleepless night of terror.

wild camping swansea (17)

I walked up and down the field trying to find my way back over the fence and onto the path.

wild camping swansea (18)

Eventually I found it, as you can see the whole area was really overgrown!

wild camping swansea (19)

I was back on the path by 5:30 and enjoying the sound of the waves and birds.

wild camping swansea (20)

I put trousers and long sleeves on for the first time in weeks to aid my brambling (it’s like rambling but through brambles).

wild camping swansea (21)

Some animal (or alien ship) had spent the night here and left a lovely little poop in the middle when it left.

wild camping swansea (22)

The grass was over head hight!

wild camping swansea (23)

Ahhhhhh, back to civilisation, I wasn’t killed!

wild camping swansea (24)

I hopped back on the bike and made my way through the quiet streets. Look how small the bike looks! Weeeeeird.

wild camping swansea (25)

So there we go, solo wild camping by bike on The Gower, DONE.