trail running pembrey south wales

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition to use for no specific reason, I’ve wanted one for years and had cash on the hip so I took the plunge.

It’s absolutely tiny and weighs nothing so I took it out with me when I went trail running to see what it was like. Kath and myself headed out to Pembrey country park one evening, there’s a lot of woodland there and a seemingly never ending inter-connected network of trails, we barely scratched the surface of the place and will be returning soon for more exploring. It was weird looking at everything through adult eyes, we both used to go there as children and it seemed quite different now.

beach running pembrey south wales

As the light started dropping we moved away from the woodland and onto Cefn Sidan beach where we were greeted by the most amazing sunset, we always seem to catch amazing natural phenomenon when we hang out!

Although the GoPro is very easy to run with, you can barely notice in your hand, it turns out that it really doesn’t handle low light well at all. Pretty much all the footage was grainy or suffering from a terrible case of slow shutter speed flu. And for this reason rather than trash it I’ve knocked together this kinda terrifying little black and white number for you. Enjoy.