Wald Bicycle Baskets uk

I was browsing through the Kinoko sale section a couple of weeks ago and seeing a bunch of stuff I’d like but either couldn’t afford or didn’t really need and then I came across a Wald basket, I’d looked at these before and have wanted one for ages so I couldn’t resist one that had been reduced from £40 down to just £9!

In the excitement of diving off the settee and scrambling across the floor on my hands and knees to get my bank card I failed to notice the capitalised word GIANT in the product title. I waited patiently for it to arrive and then it did arrive and then I understood why GIANT was capitalised.

Wald Giant Basket Review

This thing is enormous, you could fit the kitchen sink in it, thats great but it weighs an absolute ton, I haven’t got scales at home but I’ve read 4kg online. Of course if you are planning on using a basket this size then you’ll want it to be strong and to be strong it’ll be heavy.

I fitted it to my All-City Big Block just for laughs but I took it off again after these photos, it’s really not usable as a daily basket on a bike. If you are going to use this basket then it’ll need to be on a dedicated delivery bike that you plan on riding slowly on the flat, I wouldn’t fancy taking this thing up a hill because I’d be thrown all over the place.

I have enough spare components to build a 5th bike, I just need to buy a super cheap aluminium frame, to offset the weight of the basket, and I’ll build a gross but awesome delivery bike for when I’m doing deliveries (more on that in the coming months).

Wald Giant Basket Review

Though I wouldn’t recommend this basket to a Regular Joe and like I said I haven’t even used it (which is why this isn’t a review) I can certainly comment on the quality of Wald Baskets. This thing is as solid as a rock and the finish is excellent, if and when the time comes for me to buy a smaller more useful basket I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one from the Wald range.

Kinoko Custom Cycles stocks Wald Baskets and I think they are the UK distributor for them too so if you want one that they don’t have they can probably get it for you.