adventure cycling uk

No faffing about here, take a photo of your bike in a cool location this weekend, post them on the Facebook Page Wall and if more than ten people submit one my favourite one will win a t-shirt, or bar tape, or stickers or whatever ou want from my box of goodies. Here are some ideas for you…

1. Bike up a tree
2. Grandma on a bike in her kitchen
3. Bike up a mountain
4. Bike in a cave
5. Bike up a lamp post
6. Squirrel on a bike in the woods
7. Hackney ruffians eyeing up bike
8. Northerner smoking a pipe next to bike
9. Bike outside funny named shop
10. Upside down bike with an upside down (right way round) bat

If less then ten people enter then I will just be angry and nobody gets anything at all.

You’ve got until midday Monday, do it!