The Lee Cooper Triple Triangle Cycle Speedway Frame

Last week I posted some photos of this Lee Cooper frame which proved to be very popular, I did some digging and found a few shots of it built up and boy oh boy does it look good!

I think it’s absolutely brilliant that this guy is riding such a fancy hand built frame for racing, it’s going to get wrecked. I have a big soft spot for polo bikes which many people think are disgusting looking and now I’m completely in love with cycle speedway builds, so sue me.

I’ll admit that I’ve not seen much cycle speedway action but I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube and I must say it looks like a right laugh, kind of like keirin on a council estate. There’s loads of elbowing, shoulder barges and other feisty tactics, it’s great.

You can see a few more photos of this bike on WMCyclocross’ Flickr account, thanks to Stephen for letting me use this shot. And here’s some cycle speedway for you to watch…