Why Have 4 Cyclists Died in 8 Days in London?

What the hell is going on??? There is absolutely no good reason for four cyclists to have be killed on the roads of London in the last eight days, this is truly shocking and saddening.

All four deaths involved either a lorry or bus, I don’t know the exact details but again I’m going to put it out there that the incidents were probably not 100% caused by either the drivers or the cyclists. Of course there are times when blame can be placed firmly on one party or the other but when a large vehicle and a cyclist are sharing a road they need to both really go out of their way to ensure nothing bad happens.

A while ago I wrote this post about ‘the war on the roads’, it’s full to the brim with swearing and I’m loath to point you at it today because of that but underneath the gratuitous hyperbole is a serious message. Everyone and no-one is to blame for these deaths, it’s all part of riding on the roads in the UK, it really sucks but unfortunately that’s the truth. I don’t want a big row about infrastructure etc today, I just wanted to mention these deaths, so please refrain from posting anything about that in the comments.

Today is a very very sad day, four people are dead; they got up, hopped on their bikes and never got to where they were going which is a really horrible thing. Stay safe out there everyone and remember that in a fight between you and a motorised vehicle you will always lose, so be sensible!