support your local bike shop

Before Christmas I launched a competition offering £100 to spend at an independent rider owned shop. Loads of people entered and it was great to see the support for our small shops, it’s a tough time for them with the continuing rise of huge faceless online retailers but together we can keep them on our backstreets.

I had planned to pick a winner completely at random but I think it was only fair to give back to a shop that has given so much to the fixed gear and singlespeed scene. Charlie the Bikemonger was supporting alleycats/races way back when he was just an online shop, he must have spent a small fortune sending out prizes whilst reaping very little in return. Now that he has a bricks and mortar shop down in Swanage I want the money to go into his business so that he can continue to keep cycling alive for everyone down there.

I chose Jack Watts because, as a skateboarder, I know exactly what it’s like to be down with something that involves smashing your equipment to bits and having to replace it all the time, he’s a BMXer and they cost way more than skateboards!

I’d like to thank everyone that entered the competition and shared the message that if we want to keep local bike shops then we have to use them! I’ll be using all the submitted shops to put together a ‘recommended retailer’ directory for the site so keep an eye out for that soon.

Cheers dudes!