bristol fixed gear bikes

Bristol has a booming cycling scene, every kind of riding is huge there and it’s always a real delight to be in the city surrounded by so many people on bikes.

I’d say that Bristol probably has the best fixed gear scene in the UK, the prominent (online) riders in the city are always changing but over the last 5 years it’s definitely maintained the most cohesive and active calendar of get-togethers and events in the country.

There is no shortage of beautiful bikes in the city, Thom Heald has started documenting them and, more importantly, their riders through a project that he has named Bristol By Cyclist.

“The project aims to give an insight into the faces and places of Britain’s ‘Cycling City’. Fixed and geared, young and old, male and female, it’s an inclusive thing with an eye on collaboration.”

fixed gear bristol uk

Pictured here is Tim DAS RAD KLUB Wilkey with his Panasonic track bike, I’ve been drooling over this on Instagram for a while, the full gallery is burning a hole in my pocket, I’ve always wanted a Panasonic! I’ve got a really strong urge to buy a ‘classic’ frame, all my current ones have 1 1/8” ‘modern’ stems and I kinda miss the slimmer profile of a nice old bike.

panasonic fixed gear track bike

There are a ton more photos of Tim’s Panasonic as well as a few others on the Bristol By Cyclist site with loads more to follow, definitely check them all out and make sure you Like the Facebook Page too to stay in the loop.