superted james uk framebuilder (1)

I love all the behind the scenes photos that Ted posts on his Facebook Page, it’s pretty common to see frame builders at work but none of them are rocking such an incredible amount of huge machines like these.

superted james uk framebuilder (2)

Everything looks so complicated, it really amazes me when I see the work that Ted is doing with this stuff.

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A lot of his equipment is decades old, some made almost 100 years ago. Ted has a real passion and reputation for producing incredibly strong frames and I think everything that comes out of his workshop is a fitting tribute to the quality and craftmanship used to make all of these machines.

superted james uk framebuilder (4)

Charge TV shot an interview at Ted’s new workshop in Stroud when he was moving his stuff in, it’s always interesting to hear him talking about his work and his background in frame building.

There’s some great old footage of him from the early days of fixed freestyle too, he was way ahead of everyone else for a period. Check it out…

Check out his Facebook Page for more photos and the Ted James Design website for information on his work.

I shot some photos in his old Brick Lane workshop a while back, have a look at those too.