The Runner In Winter Anton Krupicka Video

I’ve been nursing a rather pathetic knee injury for the last six weeks, the kind of injury that comes with age. I felt a very very slight tweak of my ankle when I was skating but an hour later my knee started to really hurt, for 5 weeks it was really painful only when I bent down then it changed its mind and started to hurt only when walking, now it hurts to bend down again. I went to the doctor but there was nothing to see, no bruising, no swelling, nothing.

A couple of weeks ago I started getting really itchy for a run, 4 weeks of rest hadn’t made the knee any better but I decided to stay off it and just torture myself by searching for trail running videos on YouTube. I came across this one featuring Anton Krupicka, Owen had mentioned him before but I’d never looked him up.

99.9% of running videos are massive bore fests but Anton isn’t like 99.9% of runners. This video is great and had me raring to go, obviously my knee and all of my leg muscles felt differently but I went out the other morning and it I felt pretty good.

Even if you don’t run you’ll enjoy this, it’s not about speed or marathons or any of that bullshit, it’s about enjoying nature in the most natural way possible. Watch it!