fierlan women’s cycle clothing

One thing that really gets my goat is how bad cycle products aimed at women usually are. They are nearly always covered in hibiscus flowers, trite filigree and invariably feature a bland pastel colour palette. Based on the industry’s concept of what women want I really don’t know why all mens products aren’t adorned with guns, knives and explosions.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but from what I’ve seen the offerings from brands trying to buck the trend have been somewhat, I don’t know, boring.

Enter Fierlan, a new Bristol based company started by Lucy Gardner and Emily Buzzo…

Fierlan Ladies Performance Cycle wear

I’ve known Emily for a few years and I know that she is passionate about putting an end to the insulting clichés mentioned above and I reckon if anyone can do it then it’s her. She’s not a weekend warrior or a flowery basket and bell kind of gal, she’s been riding fixed for a long time and she will bring a real edge and knowledge of what women need from specific cycle wear for daily use.

Lucy won the 2013 LYCRA® Future Designers award, the prize was in the form of LYCRA® fiber to use for the collection and consultancy  from the parent company which I’m sure is practically priceless.

“I can’t wait to see my designs come to life and to work with INVISTA in getting the collection in front of buyers, designers, stores and consumers. This is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me!”

Fierlan is yet to release their first range of women’s performance cyclewear but as soon as I know you’ll know. For now you can follow them on the usual social networks…