Custom Fairdale Weekender Bike

The Fairdale Weekender (read my review) is such a versatile bike that it covers a lot of different riding scenarios, from light touring to beachfront cruising to ideal winter commuter but that doesn’t mean that people won’t want to customise it, I’ve been playing around with mine a bit.

A few weeks ago I had Craig from Urban Cyclery change the orange cables to black ones for me when he was tuning up my brakes and gears, he also had a black headset in the spares box so we fitted that too. We couldn’t find a seatclamp that fitted so the orange one is staying for now.

A couple of days back I swapped the Continental Contact tyres for a set of slightly bigger 38c Vittoria Randonneur Trail which have a more knobbly tread and reflective sidewalls. I’m really enjoying riding with them so far, they feel really grippy when cornering, you can feel the tread gripping the road and I’m sure they’ll be a bit better on the trails (it’s in the name).

I’ve also replaced the distinctive swept back Archer handlebars with a set of Easton Monkey Bars which I picked up for a fiver or something in the Kinoko sale. On the one hand I feel like they will definitely be better for off-roading however I do feel like the soul of the bike has been somewhat compromised so I’ll probably swap them back soon. I fancy hooking up some drops in the summer if I can afford all the bits needed to do that.

What builds/modifications are you working on at the mo? Hit up the comments below or the Facebook Page.