All-City Cycles - What Are You Paying For?

All-City Cycles recently posted what I consider to be a really great post on their blog. I love it when a brand is proud of their product and happy to lay some cold hard facts out for everyone to see instead of hiding behind marketing and hyperbole.

What Are You Paying For? spells out, in no uncertain terms, why you should buy one of their frames when there are other much cheaper options on the market, kicking off the post with “the principle driver of cost is the detailing of the frameset and method with which the details are executed”. Here are some snippets…

“It would be easier and cheaper to do a single coat of powder or whatever, but we want finishes with depth and luster and sparkle.”

“Many companies also get around the cost of brazing by simply welding on things such as cable guides and whatnot, and that’s fine. We just prefer the cleanliness of a traditional brazed on piece. Here the choice of fabrication methods add cost.”

“We love the idea that if you took one of our frames and stripped it down to bare metal, it would still be readily identifiable as an AC.”

I’ve been riding an All-City Cycles Big Block frame for years and absolutely love it, it’s such a smooth ride!

Click over to the All-City Cycles blog to read the full post, it makes for very interesting reading.