14 bike co 14r track bike (1)

Back in November I twisted my left knee skating then a couple of weeks back I bashed the other one on the floor whilst getting rowdy in a mosh pit so even though I didn’t stop riding completely I’ve certainly been taking it even easier than normal.

Swansea finally got some sun today (it’s rained pretty much every day since December!) and both knees are feeling a bit better so I whacked my Mash bullhorns (read my review) on the 14R and went out for a bit of a, uh, mash to try and get the blood flowing through my legs again.

The seafront here is a total mess following the recent storms, there’s sand where the bike path was, stones where the beach was, water where the grass was and driftwood everywhere which made for a great fun filled ride.

14 bike co 14r track bike (2)

Of course it still rained on and off, I don’t think I’ve seen so many rainbows in one day before, in fact Jono shot the same photo in the same spot hours before which I saw on his Instagram this morning.

The one thing I really enjoy about being self employed is being able to just ride or run or skate or whatever whenever I want, I can just work in the evening. Unfortunately this relaxed attitude to working means that I’m making next to no money at all but I don’t really care, life is for living innit.

14 bike co 14r track bike (3)

I used to hate Swansea in my early twenties but when I go out alone on days like this I can’t help but stare out to sea and smile to myself, there may be nothing culturally exciting going on but the location of the city is pretty amazing.

Inspired by this shot I came up with an idea for a photo competition which resulted in a great big scratch on my fork, I need to speak to some distributors to blag a prize before announcing it though, stay tuned.