On the Road Salomon Running Video

Trail running, or any off road running for that matter, is a beautiful thing but I really struggle to find well shot interesting videos on the subject.

Most of the ones out there are either about races (which I’m not interested in) or shot really badly. This one from Salomon TV is an exception to the rule and features some really great shots.

At 19, Rickey Gates dropped out of college and headed on a road trip to South America. It was a trip that would kick-start a life of adventure and travel.

Over a decade later and now a sponsored trail runner – Rickey’s love for the road has not diminished one bit. “On the Road” shares Rickey’s thoughts and philosophy on the life he has chosen as he road trips from Aspen Colorado to San Francisco in search of wild lands and some of the best trails in the USA.

I’m not precious about any of the things that I’m into but when he says “All you need is a pair of shoes and you’re off and running, the adventures are really endless at that point” I can’t help but feel a little bit emo because it’s so true.

I’m still new to running and I don’t do it anywhere near enough to be getting ‘good’ at it but that’s definitely a goal for me, I think being able to just go out of the house and run for hours is something that is filled with excitement and romance. Yes I can do that on a bike but it requires equipment and a degree of maintenance, running is the ultimate distillation of riding a fixed gear, it’s as pure as it comes.