bicycle tool roll

The BIGxTOP Saddle Roll has been years in the making, in fact I’ve been using an early prototype for about two years.

I know what you’re thinking, and no it doesn’t take years to design something as simple as a tool roll BUT being a real stickler for quality and function can delay product releases. That said the release of this has only taken so long because Jordan has been focused on making bags rather than little accessories.

bigxtop tool roll

Designed to be forgotten about until it’s needed, the narrow profile of the roll ensures there’s no chafing when you’re back in the saddle on a 15% climb. This, coupled with a tight fit against the saddle, ensures that you won’t even know it’s there.

Fits a road or cyclocross tube, two shots of CO2, your favourite CO2 pump/nozzle, tyre levers and even a magic chain link if it tickles your fancy.

handmade saddle bag tool roll

The majority of the BIGxTOP Saddle Rolls are made from fabric offcuts accumulated during bag production so his reluctance to rush something to market has paid off for both him and the environment in this case.

My prototype is still going strong, it’s slightly different to the finished product, no doubt due to the feedback I passed onto Jordan, but the materials are fighting fit and it’s never let in even a single drop of water.

The BIGxTOP Saddle Roll is £15, cheaper than most crappy mass produced saddle bags.

For full info and buying options head straight over to the BIGxTOP shop.