the foot down shop

Dudes, there are going to be some very big changes here very soon because interest in fixed gear bikes really isn’t what it used to be. Yes, there are still a load of us riding but nobody is ‘psyched’, I used to see a lot of excitement and it’s just not there anymore.

Last year I went self-employed, what I actually do is anyones guess but the fact is that I have to generate my own income now, I no longer go and sit in an office and stare at a screen all day and get paid at the end of the month. I set up and have been selling The Foot Down product through there as well as Fairdale Bikes and some other stuff too, it’s going ok and business is certainly picking up.

However, the very week I set the site up another site popped up at and Google is treating my three r’s as a spelling mistake and autocorrecting to the other person’s site, which has two r’s. Rather than bust my ass attempting to train Google to accept my spelling I have decided to do something else.

I recently acquired after years of waiting for it to expire (it was empty for yonks), soon Forrrest Store will be moved to that domain and from that point on I will be trading as The Foot Down. This blog will become a part of that site and cease to be fixed gear focused. The Foot Down will become an online shop with a blog, it will not be a blog with a few products.

I’ve put a hell of a lot of work into this site over the last four years, it’s the longest running ‘UK fixed gear blog’ that maintains a pretty regular posting schedule but there really is no point in me flogging this dead donkey. Yeah, it’s doing OK and traffic is OK but nobody is hyped on the scene anymore and the fun of blogging about fixed gear has gone for me. I will continue to post as normal and there will still be a ton of fixed gear content but after the move expect to see a lot more than just bikes and the odd running or skateboarding stuff.

I’m 33 this year, I’m 100% in control of my own destiny now and it’s important that I look to the future rather than holding onto the past. In the words of Alan Partridge “I evolve, but I don’t…revolve. Or vice versa”.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stick with me on the flip side.