Titanium Track Frame

No. 22 Bicycle Company is a fairly new American brand specialising in building titanium frames, the Little Wing is their track offering.

I’ve never ridden a titanium frame, mainly down to the fact that they cost about a million dollars and I only have about a buck fifty to my name but I’d certainly like to give one a go one day.

Power transfer and tuned handling uncompromisingly suited for both the boards and the roads were at the top of our priorities when designing the Little Wing. Stout, large-diameter chain- and seat stays, an oversized head tube, and an integrated seat mast keep all contact points firmly connected and instantly responsive under maximum exertion.

This singular focus carries through to the aesthetics of the Little Wing. The integrated seat mast adorned with a bespoke titanium clamp keeps things simple, stiff and appropriately minimalist. The subtle monochrome graphics highlight titanium’s natural lustre.

Like all of our frames, at the core of the Little Wing is our American-sourced 3Al-2.5V titanium tubing. Each applicable tube is either double or triple-butted by hand to suit the requirements of each tube in each frame size in order to shed unnecessary weight. Tube profiles are then carefully shaped, swaged, mitered and welded by some of the most experienced titanium craftsmen in the industry.

The frame looks pretty tasty, brushed metal with polished detailing is second only to black on black on black. It may have you salivating with envy but their promotional video will leave you dribbling in your sleep, talk about boring, jeez.

I can get behind any brand that is into Neil Young though so it’s all good. Check out more info about the No. 22 Little Wing on their website and they are available through VAM Performance in the UK.