fight between cyclists

As I draw nearer to the big switchover I might as well upset some more over-sensitive fixed gear bike riders, it’s kind of become my trademark over the years.

Here is something a lot of people don’t realise, many blogs are set up with the goal of getting free shit and free shit can be very easy to come by. A lot of fixed gear blogs have been set up over the years and 90% or more of them are long dead. Blogging is extremely time consuming and people soon realise this, I have been given A LOT of free shit over the last 4 years or so but I rarely asked for it, I was given it because I have put a huge amount of time into this thing and it offers great ROI for brands.

I am not motivated by free shit, there are other blogs out there who live for, and beg for, free shit and they stick out like a sore thumb to anyone with half a brain, they suck. For all the free shit I have received over the years I have declined the same amount if not more. I will not take anything and everything that is offered to me and I will not sing the praises of stuff so that Acme Bottle Cages will send me more free stuff and make me feel special.

I have integrity and though you may disagree with some of the opinions I post you cannot deny that my heart has always been in one place, on my sleeve. I have never sucked dick and I have turned down countless enquiries for advertising space from brands that are cashing in on what was a grassroots underground scene not very long ago.

When people talk shit (bollocks) and lambast me for posts that simply share truths about our scene they are pissing over the one fixed gear site in the UK that has stayed true to ‘the cause’, the one site that has not sold out, the one site that has not fallen by the wayside. The Foot Down has (and will continue to) been there through thick and thin because of one thing only: my love of riding fixed gear bikes.

On the occasions when I upset you it’s because I have had the gall to voice an opinion on something, name some other sites in this niche that have ever had the balls to say anything less than positive about stuff. You won’t be able to because most of them want their FREE SHIT, they want to continue to receive a never ending stream of mostly crap that they don’t need, because it makes them feel special.

Every argument always ends up with someone saying “Can’t we all just ride bikes and get along?” – the answer is fucking no we cannot all just ride bikes and get along. Just because we all ride a similar kind of bike doesn’t mean that we have anything else in common, it doesn’t mean that we have the same ideals and dreams and upbringing. Stop being so fucking retarded and get a brain.

I fucking love riding fixed gear bikes and I have busted my ass on this blog for little return because I love it. Quit your bitching and if you don’t like what I have to say then stop reading, pop off and try and find another blog that has something to say and doesn’t just repost from Prolly.

I love you guys for reading and I respect you because you must have great taste but before complaining in the future at least read and try and understand something before spouting idiotic crap with nothing to do with anything you dull cunts.