foreign eye skateboard video

The number one truly great thing about the skate scene here in Swansea is that it has been almost totally free from bullshit since the first guys down Langland attached rollerskate wheels to planks of wood back in the 1960s.

In most scenes ‘style’ plays a fairly big part, and by style I mean clothes. It’s very common for a lot of skaters to be wearing all the latest gear but suck on the board, this has never been a thing here, Swansea’s skaters have always been far more interested in shredding and having fun than standing around a set of steps posing.

A few years back Jack Kirtley, Oli Adams and Robbo moved here for uni and injected a well needed shot of adrenaline into a scene that was kinda stolid, they continue to skate for the sake of skating and nothing else, they are flying the no bullshit flag at full mast every day. White Noise is the latest video to come from these dudes, stay for the ender, it’s the best for years!