Cyclists Breaking Every Rule Video

You know what’s annoying? People who obey each and every law in the land without even questioning whether they serve any purpose whatsoever.

One of those people is this CarefulCyclist dude, yet another middle aged douchebag with a helmet cam. He likes to go around on his bike filming every moment and cursing people for using common sense and having a relaxed attitude to cycling. Here are some of the things he thinks are wrong:

Running red lights – It may be illegal but it is very rarely dangerous, it’s also quicker.
Riding the wrong way up a one way street – Definitely the safest place to ride a bike!
Riding on the pavement – As long as it’s not busy and you ride slowly who the fuck cares?
Riding with one hand – Fine
Riding with no hands – Guaranteed to impress the ladies!

This guy is such an idiot, the kind of idiot that thinks all other cyclists are giving him a bad name but in reality it’s people like him that will prevent the UK from becoming a ‘safe’ country to ride in. Take a chill pill, jeez!