eddy merckx screen printed poster

eddy merckx cycling a3 screenprint poster

eddy merckx cycling screen print

eddy merckx screen print poster

Eddy Merckx is the greatest cyclist of all time, nobody will ever even come close to stealing his crown. As well as being an absolute machine capable of destroying everyone else in the peloton he positively oozed style on the bike.

Nicknamed The Cannibal by his contemporaries he was thought of as almost superhuman but has admitted that he “sometimes used to sit on (his) bike, weeping with the pain”, his real superpower was being capable of dealing with pain better than everyone else.

This image is thought to be from the time someone punched him in the ribs during a race but I’ve also read that it’s from a different time. Either way Merckx is captured during a rare moment of vulnerability on the A3 hand screen poster print.

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