wraith fabrication the hustle road bike

Wraith Fabrication is a new project from Adam Eldridge, the dude behind Stanridge Speed Bicycles.

With Wraith he has created a range that is hand made in the USA but which comes in at a staggeringly cheap price and without crazy long lead times. At around about £650 for both frame and fork these frames are affordable for pretty much ‘everyone’ with a passion for quality workmanship and cycling.

“Adam Eldridge started building high performance custom bikes 5 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. His bikes have stood at the top step of the podium at the Red Hook Crit, as well as numerous road and cross events around the country. Wraith Fabrications is a new project, removing the barriers and obstacles for many customers. The wait time is gone, shipping is free, fit is free and stock sizing allows us to hand produce the frames with best possible Columbus tubing. We’re building these amazing machines right here in the USA and offering them for a fraction of the cost of not only upper tier far east pacific production steel frames but also every other made in the USA bespoke production frame made from comparable steel.”

The first two available models are The Hustle road (pictured above) and The Paycheck cyclocross.

wraith fabrication coffin t-shirt

Wraith are bringing a super cool aesthetic to road racing and cyclocross, which is something I can really get behind, if more people put out soft goods like this we might see a shift from tracksuits and baseball caps to a modern twist on the classic cycling style icon.

wraith fabrication the hustle stickers

Stickers and skateboards too, now that’s what I’m talking about!

For more information you should hit up the Wraith Fabrication website.