The Groundnuts & Independents - Stay Casual Barlow

Here in Swansea there are some local legends, well just two actually, one is the poet Dylan Thomas and the other is a punk band that goes by the name of The Groundnuts & Independents.

For at least a hundred years they have been playing good old fashioned punk rock. The songs are fast and short and every single one, old or new, gets the crowd going, any gig that has The Groundnuts in the line-up is guaranteed to be a banger!

They have just released a completely free EP called Stay Casual Barlow featuring some awesome artwork by the very talented Swansea Illustrator Mark Hughes. If you have any sense at all you’ll listen to it now and then come to Swansea for their next show!

AND for the love of God, Jesus, Buddha and Superman listen to their old album which contains one of my favourite songs of all time (Records Back) and many many other crackers…