Sträcklöpet race Sweden

Sträcklöpet is a 10km / 6 mile race which takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. But it’s no ordinary race…

“The race goes by a straight line on the map – a taped path through swamps, cliffs and thickets. A total of 100 runners get the chance to test themselves in the best nature has to offer.”

This sounds super cool, the website has very little information (which is all in Swedish) but I love this part…

“Notify staff on site at the water station (halfway into the path) or at the finish of opponents was discovered injured during competition. If we consider another shooter unable to alone await help from the competition management, all contestants are obliged to cancel the race to help the injured.”

I’m guessing Google Translate has used ‘opponents’ and ‘shooter’ by accident but it just makes it sound even better.

(Not much) more info on the Sträcklöpet site.