Watch Over Ply Wood Skateboarding Documentary Online

For just a few days you can watch the feature length Over Ply Wood skateboarding documentary online for free.

I am very proud to have been a part of this film, I shared photos, video footage and am one of the lucky few that Jono interviewed, I am featured later on from the 90s onwards.

The film documents the history of skateboarding in Swansea from the 1960s right the way up to the present day, our little seaside town was right on the cutting edge of skateboarding in the early days, there were guys skating here literally years before it took off in the rest of the UK!

This is a major project that is essential viewing for any skateboarder, if you’re not from Swansea it doesn’t matter because this film is about skateboarders and we’re the same all over the world, this is your story as much as it is ours.