Kinoko Cycles is Closing Down

Well this is very sad news, Tokyo Fixed Gear was a big part of the fixed scene for years and following their rebranding to Kinoko they extended their knowledge and great service to a wider range of riders, unfortunately these are tough times we’re living in…

“With a heavy heart we have made the tough decision to close our Golden Square Shop. The date of the closure will be August 29. The business has seen a lot of changes over the last few years and unfortunately the move to a much larger space added complications we felt we just couldn’t overcome. We would like to thank everyone who visited our shop and all the customers who put their trust in us to build their dream bikes. We’ve had an amazing time at Golden Square and are very proud of everything we achieved.

Moving forward we will be putting all our efforts into our web site. We will continue to seek out brands, we will continue to work on features, photography and work on projects with talented designers. This will always be a part of what we do.”

Read the full announcement on the Kinoko website.