Knog Combination Lock Review

One thing I really hate it’s having to carry keys for my bike locks, I’m always worried about losing them and it stresses me out, maaaaaan.

Everyone knows that combination locks aren’t as secure as locks with keys but sometimes you don’t need to employ the whole Fort Knox deal, sometimes when you’re just popping to the shop or a low crime area then a combo will do the job just fine, the Knog Party Combo is perfect for such situations.

Is the Knog Party Combo Lock Good?

I was surprised by the girth of the lock when it arrived, I was expecting a flimsy little thing but the numbers are super big and easy to see, I like the fun styling of them too, it’s these little things that brighten up our lives and where Knog excels.

It feels solidly constructed, a lot of combination locks feel quite loose but the Party Combo doesn’t at all, everything fits together nice and tightly and the silicone outer prevents any kind of rattling or scratching.

Knog Party Combo Lock UK

You can set your own number combination by twisting the end of the lock. As you can see here I have set it to the very hysterical and not at all childish 8008 (BOOB) because I am still 13 years old. Changing it is easy and not at all fiddly, that’s really the essence of the Party Combo – no fuss, no bells and whistles, just functional and good looking.

Good Combination Locks

I only have one gripe with the Knog Party Combo which is that I’d prefer it to be slightly longer OR slightly bendier. It’s very stiff and when trying to wrap it around the frame between spots I couldn’t get it as tight as I’d like.

Knog Party Combo Lock Review

You’d have to be completely mad to use this lock on its own in a major city with a lot of bicycle thefts but for a trip to the seaside or the coffee shop when there are a lot of people around or as a secondary lock to keep your wheel safe then this is ideal.

The Party Combo is just as mighty as the Party Frank, but without the key. Still overmoulded using industrial grade UV-stablised silicone to protect your bike, your fingers, and your reputation the Combo comes 8 fancy new colours.”

Full info on the Party Combo lock page on the Knog website.

Disclosure: Knog provided me with this lock for review purposes, this has in no way affected my review, would you use or recommend a lock that you didn’t trust?