So, in a nutshell here’s the story…

– Met a girl
– Fell in love
– Girl goes home to Finland
– Ty moves to Finland

A lot of people have told me that I am ‘brave’ for selling almost everything I own, packing up my bikes and clothes and moving to a country where I don’t speak the language. Personally I feel like staying in the UK would be braver, this country has gone to the dogs.

Here’s a few things I’m excited about…

– Being with my girl, she’s the best!
– Living more closely with nature
– The fixed gear scene in Helsinki
– The skate scene in Helsinki
– Not being milked and abused by the government
– The unknown

And some things that are slightly worrying…

– Being vegan (no ingredients are in English)
– Choosing a new skate shop (more on that here)
– Finding work

I’m really looking forward to living somewhere with a decent riding scene, I’ve been riding alone for the last few years and it’s just not that much fun. It’ll also provide me with a hell of a lot of content for this blog again which is awesome!

I need to find a screen printing workshop in Helsinki for me to keep printing tees, posters and some other stuff I’ve got in mind, until I do I suppose the shop will be on hold a bit.

Getting rid of all my stuff feels great. Imagine a life where all you own is bikes, clothes, shoes and a few gadgets. No books, no DVDs, no CDs; no accumulated shit that you haven’t used in years.

I honestly can’t wait to get on the plane next week and leave the UK behind, I hate this place and in Finland I feel like I may have actually found the place I should have been my whole life.