cave unicycling documentary

No, I have not lost my mind, I am completely in control of this post.

I love caves, no matter how small they always fill me with joy, unicycling is another matter.

As I get older I am growing more tolerant towards the stupidity of others when it comes to pastimes. If somebody wants to ride a unicycle through a cave system then why shouldn’t they? Because it’s stupid? Because it must surely be overly dangerous? Because it is stupid?

I’m not posting this because I’m into ‘extreme sports’ and I’m certainly not posting it for the part where he compares unicycling to skateboarding; I’m posting it because sometimes it’s nice to watch a couple of bonkers rich kids most definitely not wasting their lives.

Come on now, stop making fun! It’s a nice little film and it’s worth a watch so give it a go and stop being so closed minded, jeez.