The Foot Down is Five Years Old Today!

Five years ago today I switched on The Foot Down, it’s hard to believe it was that long ago!

The blog was set up to document and support the UK fixed gear scene and I’d like to think that through sharing events and stuff like that back then I helped to keep the buzz alive while it lasted. I’m extremely proud to be one of the very few bloggers from the good old days that hasn’t thrown in the towel.

These days the content is a bit wider in scope but I still absolutely love to ride fixed and though I dabbled with road cycling for a while it just wasn’t as much fun for me. I very much believe that it doesn’t matter what bike you ride as long as you’re out there riding but ‘urban cycling’ and fixed gear specifically are still the things that most float my boat.

Thanks to everyone that has read my often useless and almost certainly pointless posts over the years, if you’ve bought something from the shop double thanks and from this day forth I’m going to keep on going as I always have albeit with a more positive vibe.