Back in 2012 Timo Hyppönen made a bicycle frame out of materials salvaged from a Volvo estate car for his Masters of Art thesis.

Apart from getting to second base in the back set at a drive-in watching a B-movie in the 50’s I can’t think of anything better to do with a car.

It may not be something that you or I could do but it is proof that bikes are much better than cars, I’d like to see someone try to make a car out of a bike.

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I’m sure that this isn’t comparable to a ‘proper’ frame made from ‘real’ materials but I bet that it rides just fine and, personally, I think it looks really great. I’m glad that it wasn’t painted and made pretty because it really is beautiful as it is.

This project was commisioned by Pelago Bicycles and was executed together with Olli Erkkilä.

More photos can be found in the Pelago Facebook Album.