Do bike blogs ever leave you feeling disenchanted?

There used to be so many great blogs out there documenting the fixed gear scene, every corner of the world had something going on but now there’s nothing, I don’t know of a single site dedicated to riding fixed that is genuinely good and makes me want to run out of the door and rip a skid.

Things change, I know that, but why did everything change so much so quickly? Why did all the fixed gear riders get so heavily into riding other kinds of bikes?

I’m as guilty as anyone, I was totally into riding my road bike for a couple of years, but I was never remotely interested in racing or taking this beautiful activity and spoiling it by introducing rules.

The scene used to be tight and there was a small amount of cool brands listening to what people wanted and supporting them by putting out products that we could use. This resulted in freebies for a lot of bloggers, myself included, but it all felt very grassroots and honest. Now, fuelled by their need for rules and a misguided sense of worth there are nobodies all over the world riding free piece of crap bikes ‘for’ wack companies in very odd sponsorship deals that surely don’t benefit the brands at all.

When somebody reviews a bike that costs 500 bucks and sings its praises they are bullshitting. When they Instagram their 20km ride in a free t-shirt they got they are bullshitting. When they send e-mails out to companies about how much they loooooove their products and would be honoured to rep them they are bullshitting. If they weren’t bullshitting then they would buy the crappy Chinese bike or the boring t-shirt.

All I see these days is people getting free stuff from brands that have made a few bucks off the back of selling out what was once pure. I see those same people bullshitting their way into thousands of Likes by kissing international social media ass. It bums me out, man!

Urban riding, for want of a better term, is bursting at the seems with blaggers masquerading as bloggers and I’m over it.