ty the foot down

ty the foot down

About The Foot Down
The Foot Down started out as a blog covering the UK fixed gear scene back in 2009 but has changed quite a bit since then. These days you’ll find a wider variety of cycling posts as well as a little bit of skateboarding, trail running and anything else that takes my fancy.

Here are some great reviews of the blog…

“Oh dear! Attention seeking at its worst”
“wow the footdown really has gone downhill…”
“Hipster mentality at its purest.”
“Well, at least you don’t deny being a self righteous prick.”
“Oh fuck off.”

About me
My name is Ty, I run the site all on my lonesome from Helsinki, Finland.

I’m far more into riding bikes than looking at them, I don’t wear a helmet, I like to ride slowly and quickly equally.

I am a skateboarder, a photographer, a music snob and a vegan.

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